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Mr. Nitin Gupta opened the first SYKZ in Mumbai in November 2002. SYKZ at Andheri, Lokhandwala, is a 16,000 square foot facility which houses a GYM, a SALON & SPA.

SYKZ has become the most sought after fitness address for many of Mumbaii's celebrities and glamour world. Their success lies in their corporate philosophy which emphasizes that the same regimen (of weight training, cardio and nutrition) is followed uniformly in all their centers across the country.

Currently, SYKZ has 3 gyms across Mumbai and one in Delhi. All these are privately owned. In future, SYKZ hopes to expand its vision through the franchising route by partnering with like-minded people who have a passion and commitment for helping people live a better quality of life.
The Vision

The vision behind SYKZ is to create an understanding in the minds of people that "fitness is a lifestyle, not a 3-month, 15kg weight loss package." At SYKZ, our goal is to make people comfortable and support them whole-heartedly in helping them achieve their best health and reach the goals they have set for themselves through sound nutrition advice and "expert training". We want to encourage more and more people to make fitness a way of life.
Think about it. Who doesn't want to lose weight and get in shape? But how many of us are really willing to do what it takes to achieve it? The fact is, unless you don't have a burning desire and the discipline (the willingness to do whatever it takes) to make the change, you will just be going through the motions without any results.

Remember, the difference between what you are and what you become is what you do.

If you are not determined enough to make the sacrifices necessary to get in shape, then it's not going to happen. We can certainly understand the fact that we live in a very busy age. However, no one can honestly say that they don't have at least 5 hours a week that they can spare on taking care of themselves; that is simply unbelievable. The people with the time excuse (which is around 90% of the population) are just an example of people that want something, but just don't have the determination to make it happen. So remember: You have to be determined and stick to your goal!

Many times we see dieters that start out great. However, there comes a day that for some reason or another they lose a workout or they blow their diets. After that day, they become so discouraged that they continue losing workouts or destroying their diet "up until next Monday", as they say. However, many Mondays go by before the person gets back on track (if he/she ever does). In the mean time, muscle tone fades and the fat pounds pile up. Please remember the following - we are all human and we are entitled to make mistakes. Always strive for perfection, but if for whatever reason one day things don't go as well as they should, then move on, forget about it and continue with your program. If you blow a meal one day don't make it any worse by eating bad all day long. If you miss a workout, don't wait until next Monday to start over. Just continue with your program the way it is laid out. At the end it will be your determination and your consistency that will enable you to win the battle of the bulge.

Okay, so now that you've reached the point where you are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your dream body, it's going to be easy, all you've got to "eat right and exercise", right? WRONG! If it were that simple, you probably wouldn't have 100 different "experts" offering 100 different solutions to your weight problems! On top of that, you've got all those TV infomercials that claim their gadget or miracle pill is the answer. It's this heap of junk information and contradicting theories that have confused most people who don't know which way to turn for genuine advice. Most often than not, we all choose the easy path.

Sure, it sounds great to hear all those TV infomercials and commercial weight loss clinics assure you that if you follow their "5 minute" principle and use their gadgets, you will never have to eat correctly or exercise. But you must realize that if it were as simple as strapping a machine to your body, everyone would be in shape. Please understand one thing very clearly, "It's not the machine you use, but the lifestyle you choose.

The fact is, if you want to change the way you look, permanently, you have to first change the way you think and you must accept the fact that there is no easy way out. You will have to make fitness (weight training and cardio activity) a part of your life, forever!

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